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My name is Shaun Yanuszewski and im the proud owner of Sky’s Carpentry and Remodeling. I’ve been self employed now for 37 years and been married to my amazing wife Kris for 25 years. We lived in Milford New Hampshire moved to Moultonborough and lived there for 20+ years and now reside in beautiful Sandwhich New Hampshire. Our children of 4 as some of you know are named Brian Rutherford (St.Benard) Adele Rose (black lab) Gracie Anne (brown lab) and Ottis Magee (yellow lab) and yes there very spoiled as you can see. My wife and I both enjoy spending time at home and playing with our children. There our lives and are always there for us. Since moving into the Lakes Region we met some amazing people that eventually became great friends some started out as customers then became great friends like Karen for example. We put a large addition on her house several years ago and ever since we have become great friends in fact she now does our design work on Chief Architect. Looking forward to making more friends and contacts within the Lakes Region. Please give me a call I promise ill call you back or the first coffee is on me. Best to all.

Local family run business with 40 years of experience.

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