Welcome to Sky’s Carpentry and Remodeling. For the past three years in a row we have been thrilled to earn the Best in Moultonborough Award and are proud to display these achievements. How did we get hear? Honesty and transparency are the foremost. I’ve been operating and living in Moultonborough New Hampshire for 20 years and have just recently moved to Sandwhich New Hampshire and we are still serving the entire lakes Region.
It starts with a phone call or an email then the rest is up to me to earn your business. I will come to your home spend all the time needed to look and understand your project and most of all answer all your questions and point out any concerns I have and make suggestions. It’s more than just coming up with a cost for your project. I cannot emphasize this enough we are selling a service not a product. The biggest mistake I see people make is they take the lowest price. I “get it” im not saying take the highest but what this all “boils down to” is chemistry between me and you the homeowner. 99% of our customers are second homeowners and 99% of the time they aren’t home while were working on there house that’s were the chemistry and trust factor play the biggest roles. I’ve had the pleasure of working for all walks of life from the super rich to the average hard working folks and guess what we charge the same.
Since the pandemic we have shifted towards operating by the hour for most of our projects. What this means is hourly is the safest for me because 90% of the time during a project there will be changes made that’s totally fine and honestly expect that. But most of all it’s the most economical to you the homeowner because you’re only paying for actual time and materials used on your project.
For the last several years we have been offering colored 3-D imaging for larger remodels this is a great tool for the homeowner to get a feel for the end product.
As part of our working circle of trust we offer the very best in Plumbing and Heating, HVAC, Electrical services, Site work for septic services, painting, and tile work. All of these people are part of what I call my “Circle of Trust” I’ve been working with these people for many years. They represent my company and I trust each and every one of them.
And lastly we ask for your working budget. As some of you can imagine that have done projects in the past both big and small preparing an estimate takes time hours and sometimes days (depending on size of the project) in order for me to get to your project off the ground and accomplish the best I can I need your budget.
Thank you for reading this introduction page. We have a lot of pictures to share with you on our new web site and Facebook page that show past projects and may even give you some ideas for your project. I look forward to meeting you and looking at you at your project making your dreams come to reality. We’ve been doing just that for 20+ years. Best to all of you.
Local family run business with 40 years of experience.

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